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Web Wednesday: Why Website Imagery Really Matters

If you only think about one part of your online presence, focus on website imagery.  

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and we can say from our professional experience that they’re right. While we love our team of writers (says the writer writing this…), they know as well as we do that in 2016, no one’s going to sit down and read a thousand words on your home page. They will, however, glance through a slideshow of pictures. Website imagery is absolutely crucial if you want to keep visitors on your site.

Think about it. What’s more exciting to you: a block of black and white text, or a vibrant, visually stimulating picture? That’s a little bit of a leading question, but only because it has such an obvious answer. Imagery is what grabs our attention, and a website that doesn’t play to that is going to miss out on prospective business and bore current clients.

If you want proof, here are a few of our recent web designs with imagery-heavy home pages. Take a look and see how they make you feel. Then imagine them without the image. See the difference?


Diane Cannon Real Estate

diane-website imagery

The beautiful ocean scenery invites you to buy in Laguna Beach, the area Diane serves.


Fortis Risk Solutions

fortis-website imagery

The strong image conveys the power of Fortis’s solutions, but the soft afterglow of the sun keeps it from feeling intimidating.


Weber | Kubiak

weber-kubiak-website imagery

With a unique, engaging photo tying directly into their tagline, Weber | Kubiak showcase their services in just four words.


Phillips General Insurance Agency

phillips-website imagery

A welcoming home image exemplifies the warmth and care of Phillips Insurance.


Finding just the right picture and fitting it at just the right spot in your site design isn’t easy. That’s why our team of web designers and developers is here. If you want a website captivating enough to hold the attention of 2016’s web users, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California.

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