Ways to Make Your Office Healthier

Three Easy, Affordable Ways to Make Your Office Healthier

Want to make your workplace a happy space? Try out these quick ways to make your office healthier!

Here at Stratosphere, we’re having something of a revolution. Our writing team has tackled a lot of blogs on the health risks of sedentary office life, and we wanted to get proactive about avoiding those risks ourselves. Cue: trail mix in the break room, water drinking challenges (the safe kind!), walking and biking breaks, and standing desks. If we can do it, you can too! Here are just a few easy and affordable ways to make your office healthier today!

Take a hike.

Have an upcoming meeting that doesn’t require a presentation? Let your team know in advance (they might need a change of shoes!) that it will be a walking meeting. Not only are your combating the health detriments on long-term sitting, but you’re also giving your team an out-of-the-office refresher. This might just inspire them to bring fresh ideas to the table!

Stand up for your team.

Speaking of the health hazards of prolonged sitting, create an office environment that gives people the chance to get moving. You don’t have to invest in fancy standing desks if that doesn’t quite fit into your current budget. Even offering a few boxes to elevate monitors can make a huge difference!

Beef (well, not beef literally…) up the break room.

Most break rooms contain cheap, nonperishable food. That’s financially smart on the surface, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find that the health ramifications of regularly eating highly processed food are dangerous. That means more doctors’ bills for your employees, which means higher insurance costs for your business. Why not just invest in better snacks in the first place? Revamp your break room with healthy options like nuts and dried fruit.

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