Utilizing Voice Search Marketing, voice search marketing

Utilizing Voice Search Marketing

Learn how your company can utilize voice search marketing to its advantage.

With the rise of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Echo, voice control technologies are quickly becoming the newest trend in tech.  As a result, voice search marketing is the newest frontier for companies to break into.  If your business is interested in tapping into this new form of marketing, here are some tips to get you started.

Appealing to Local Search

When potential customers use voice search to find businesses in their area, they often add the voice command “near me.”  Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that your business’s website utilizes that exact phrase.  Even if your business serves the particular area that an individual customer is in, you might not pop up on the list of nearby companies.  To appeal to local search, you need to list your business in directories such as Google My Business, Apple Maps Connect, and Bing Places for Business.  By doing so, you will be accommodating the voice search algorithms that will show your business when a potential customer uses voice commands.

Be Active on Social Media

With the explosion of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp, it’s important that businesses cultivate a social media presence if they want to gain visibility and succeed.  In fact, by being active on social media, you are gaining search engine trust and priority.  This means that the algorithms used by Google and Apple will work in your favor.  By updating your various social media accounts on a regular basis, your business is far more likely to show up in a voice search.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Use

Finally, most voice searches are performed using smartphones.  That’s why it’s important that your business’s website be optimized to perform well on mobile devices.  While you might get your business to pop up on a voice search, if your website is troublesome to navigate with a smartphone, then you will be quickly overlooked by a potential customer.  That’s why its extremely important that you have a mobile version of your business’s website that functions efficiently on smartphone, and other mobile platforms.

Try out these tips to help your business take advantage of the voice search marketing trend.  Remember, another way to maximize your business’s website is by utilizing eye-catching custom web designs, following best SEO practices, and offering original digital content.  For assistance with these digital marketing needs and more, contact the team at GTK Analytics.  Our experts are always ready to offer the digital marketing solutions your business needs.

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