TBT: History of the Hashtag

TBT: History of the Hashtag


When Twitter crashed the social media scene in 2007, it flew under the radar for a while. It wasn’t until the reintroduction of the hashtag that helped elevate Twitter to not only a household name, but also helped reshape modern marketing strategies for good.

The hashtag was actually around long before Twitter on the Internet. Back in the late 90’s, IRC (Internet Chat Relay) utilized the hashtag to categorize items into groups.

Fast-forward to August 23rd, 2007 and web designer Chris Messina asked the Twitter world how they felt about the usage of the hashtag. This is considered the first appearance of the hashtag on Twitter.

The power of ‘trending’ and ‘social media branding’ can easily be traced back to the influence of the hashtag. The term ‘trending’ eventually caught and recognized by Twitter around 2010. When executed properly, hashtags can be a powerful tool for connecting with potentially thousands, even millions of targeted audiences worldwide.

The hashtag is a valuable tool when it comes to social media, and Stratosphere Marketing can help you step up your hashtag game! Contact us to learn all about our digital marketing services.

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