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Roundup of the Best Chrome Extensions for Work

Our list of the best Chrome extensions for work to make 40 hours of your week better. You’re welcome.

In the modern workplace, we spend a lot of time at our computers. And we spend a lot of that time using the internet. You have a number of browser options, but Chrome is well worth taking for a spin. If you’re already using Google as your primary search engine, it just makes sense to use that engine from Google’s browser. What’s more, Chrome offers a plethora of additional software from outside developers that can make your work life more productive! Here’s a roundup of just a few of the best Chrome extensions for work and a brief summary of what they can do for you.

  • AdBlock: It’s pretty simple. This extension blocks ads.
  • Full Page Screen Capture: Have you ever been frustrated trying to screenshot a webpage you can’t fit in your browser? You don’t have to be! This extension grabs your current webpage and converts it to a clean .png file for you. (We used it to grab the image of Momentum in this post).
  • Grammarly: You’ve probably already heard us talk about Grammarly – it’s cause we’re big fans. It’s basically spell check for all of your on-page writing. And yes, it can even check your Facebook posts for you!
  • Lazarus: We’ve all experienced the frustration of filling out a long web form, only to find that the page has timed out or crashed. You reload the page – and everything’s gone! Fear not, Lazarus will autosave as you type and reload the form for you.
  • Momentum: Swap out that boring new tab page in Chrome with stunning imagery. Momentum will also remind you of your day’s goals, let you build a to-do list, give you the local weather, and offer an inspiring quote. But really, it’s just pretty, which is why we pictured it in this post.
  • Stay Focused: Having trouble with productivity? Stay Focused will force you to limit your time on those pesky time-sucking internet distractions (looking at you, Facebook and Twitter).
  • Toggl: Having trouble scheduling your day? Need to keep an eye on how much time things are taking you or your team? This easy extension adds a timer to pretty much any web tool for easy tracking and data storage.

Try them out and let us know which ones you love! Or, if we missed a favorite that you think is one of the best Chrome extensions for work, let us know so we can take it for a spin ourselves! For more digital tips and tricks and all of your digital marketing needs, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California.


Is your company’s LinkedIn page set up correctly?

Your company’s LinkedIn profile is quickly becoming one of your most vital tools. Making sure it is up to date and easy to navigate can help your business expand.

road sign

Referrals: The Golden Ticket for any Insurance Agency

In today’s era of insurance marketing, there is quite an abundance of ways to try and put your name out there, with some tactics costing no less than a leg, an arm, and maybe even your eye.


WordPress Websites: Second to none.

If you didn’t already know this, websites have the ability to be built on many, MANY different platforms.

When comparing the various platforms online, one may come across long, ranting reviews commenting on which platform is “the best” and notating which platforms may have one particular advantage over another..yadda yadda..

You may find through your research that a website built on one platform may have continuous compatibility issues with a certain browser (Firefox, or a certain version of Internet Explorer, etc.) while on the other hand, a website built on a different platform is consistently compatible with several browsers, but lacks an immediate functionality you and your business demand.

So how do you choose?

Exhausted businesswoman

Stay away from all of the drama, and go with a platform that includes what you demand: WordPress.

We use WordPress for our own website, along with the hundreds of other websites we’ve built for people and businesses across the nation.

Here are just a few of the reasons why WordPress continues to be the platform we exclusively work with:

Ease of Use

Keep It Simple on a Blackboard

In comparison to other platforms, WordPress makes things easier for our developers to use. When one of our members needs an update or a page added to their site, it’s not going to be as time consuming for our developers to work on as another platform may be. We charge change requests by amount of time involved, so less time equals WAY less money spent for you.

Search Engines LOVE WordPress Sites

Love on the Web

The coding behind WordPress sites are very clean and simple, making it super easy for a search engine to read and index a site’s content (via original content on web pages & blog posts, another aspect search engines crave.) When you make the search engines happy, you are rewarded.

A Blog is Built in and Ready to Go

Blog Word On Paper Post It

Blogging, if you didn’t already know, is the KEY to having search engines find you, recognize you, and reward you by organically pushing you up the rankings for continuously pushing relevant content related you and your brand.


The Possibilities are Endless

Photo realistic 'the sky's the limit' sign, isolated on pure whi

Say you want a calendar, a video gallery, an Instagram feed, etc. on your website. Done. There’s most likely a plugin created for that that can be installed onto the backend of your site and put into action for you. Once again, saving our developers time, and thus, making website changes affordable.


The Design of the site is Fully Customizable

Vector flat modern icons on sample background

Say you don’t like the layout of the site, or you would like a certain section to be moved..Done. Through readily available features on WordPress, custom coding can be done to tweak the template of the site, meaning things can be moved around how you want them to be.


While in search of a website developer, be sure to always ask the potential developer which platform will be used in the creation of your site. We strongly suggest using WordPress due to all of the benefits it lends.

Asking for a WordPress site early on can mean saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run for you and your business.

Remember, we are always here to help!

Always remember that Stratosphere would love to help you when you are in need of website development or redesign.

We offer several affordable web design options on WordPress that will help you with all of the above–

Please contact us today!


Using Google AdWords? Think again.

Using Google AdWords? Think again.

Fun Fact:

There are 5.9 Billion searches placed daily on Google.


If you are either a business owner or a marketing director of a company, it is safe to say that you would like to tap into a small portion of these searches and drive them to your website, correct?

Correct Concept

Since Google is the number one search engine, the first thing that comes to mind for you is to advertise there.

So to immediately get this going, you quickly begin your keyword research, pay for designated search terms relevant to your product or service so that you (just as you had hoped) can be placed at the very top of Google, like so:

        ad words


This is not the best option for you.

Vector illustration of Stop sign

 We want to give you some advice on why AdWords is ineffective, and hopefully it helps.

(If you have questions after reading this, PLEASE feel free to contact us):

Truth: Unless you have tens of thousands of dollars in your marketing budget to spend every month on advertising, it truly, truly, truly is a waste of money.

Here are the caveats to AdWords and Pay per Click: 

Problem #1: AdBlocking

businessman talk to the hand

AdBlocking Software, which is an easily available installation from major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) has been found to be associated with over 20% of searchers.

This simple installation removes most advertising from web pages, including (but not limited to): banner ads, text ads, sponsored links, and more.

What does this mean for you? It means that your hard earned advertising dollars that are currently being invested into AdWords, are not being seen by over 20% of your target audience.

Problem #2: Searchers are Ignoring your Ad


 According to an eye tracking study done on Bing & Google in 2011, 70-80% of searchers ignored paid ads completely, bringing us big insights. Searchers are directing their clicks to organic search results (non-paid.)

Problem #3: Not Every Searcher is Ready to Buy

Man Hides Under The Laptop

 Unfortunately, not everyone searching for your paid keyword is in seek of your products or services.

 For example, Bob in Westlake Village, Ca. has just done a search on auto insurance. He is your target audience if you’re an insurance agency in Westlake Village that is investing in AdWords right?


Erasing Oops !

Bob searched for auto insurance to learn about the differences between full coverage and state liability insurance on Wikipedia. He had no motive of purchasing auto insurance, making him a part of an ineffective pool called your Google “target audience.”

 When you pay for an Ad Words campaign, your objective is for those searchers to come buy your product. When your target audience isn’t ready to buy, and making searches such as Bob, your ad words campaign has immediately defeated its purpose.


I am doing it all wrong.

What is the Answer then?

Solution to Problems

Of all three reasons listed above, the one you can begin combatting today (and in a much, much more affordable way) is number 2,

“Searchers are Ignoring Your Ad.”


 The best way to combat this caveat is with an original content marketing plan on your website that is key worded and optimized for search where people are actually looking.

If you have further questions, or need help with an online marketing strategy for your company via original content, contact us today to set up an appointment as original content remains the powerhouse behind Stratosphere Marketing Solutions.

Happy Wednesday!

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