The Top Marketing Trends in 2017

The Top Marketing Trends in 2017

Marketing is all about getting yourself out there, but do you know the marketing trends for the new year?

Marketing is about getting seen–it helps if those that see you are your target audience. Visibility is one of the things that, no matter the year, will never change. Marketing revolves around the idea of how best customers see your business. But while the central idea may not change, the specifics on how you are seen has, does, and will change. Here are a few marketing trends you should expect to change in 2017.

  1. Focus on Customer Experience
    At the heart of every marketing strategy is customer experience and satisfaction. Your customers need to know they are being taken care of, and a customer-centric philosophy does just that. Their needs must be met in order to create a successful marketing strategy.
  2. Data Scientists & Marketing Technologists are New Lieutenants of Marketing
    Your executives must be data-driven. What does this mean? In a world where many companies want to connect email, social media, and social media strategies, they need technology to incorporate and support all of these. Technologists who know these devices well are your best bet.
  3. Artificial Intelligence Can Help
    Don’t worry, the robot takeover is still many decades away. So until then, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to help your customers. AI can use algorithms to study human behavior and patterns to help your customers find what they need. Imagine a chat-bot that can determine your likes, dislikes, and needs all through conversation. It is a tool that can put you above your competitors.

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“Info-Snacking”: Is it the newest method of obtaining news?

“Info-Snacking”: Is it the newest method of obtaining news?

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What is “info-snacking”?


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With access to so many reputable online resources at the touch of your fingertips- whether it be on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet- getting up to speed on the news and local happenings quickly has become a simple measure.

Today audiences are skimming the first few lines of online resources to quickly gain the information they need, immediately transitioning on to their next source to either 1) validate their first point of interest’s findings, or 2) move on to research their next point of interest/topic.

Have we lost you yet? According to the concept of “info snacking” you may have already left our website..

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Our point is this:

The quicker information can be received in this day and age, the better, thus naming this generation of quick, to-the-point information seekers “info snackers.”

Info-snackers are online news seekers that use major news aggregators in social media (Twitter and Facebook) along with search engines to quickly research and obtain what they’re looking for, whilst traditional methods (newspaper, radio, etc.) fall to the wayside.

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According to a Pew Research study conducted in 2013, it was found that 30% of the Twitter and Facebook population, use the sites for their news gathering. (There are 645 million Twitter users, and 1.3 billion Facebook users)

What this means for your Business

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Considering 30% of your social media audience is obtaining news from two of the largest social media platforms online, doesn’t it make sense to start utilizing these free platforms to present news and happenings about your industry, company, and hyper local area?

Even better, why not cater to both “info snackers” and social media news seekers all at once. How? Blogs.

Blog articles are the perfect venue to cater to your info snacking audience on social media as they are:

-No more than 175-200 words

-Short, sweet, and to the point

Tips & Tricks


Write and post an informative blog about your company on your website 6-12 times per month.

Once you’ve posted, be sure to either share or syndicate each of those articles to your social media channels to draw traffic back to your website for the ultimate social media optimized effect.

Don’t have time for this?

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Have no idea what we’re talking about or just don’t have the time to do any of this? Call us! This is what we do for a living and are very good at it. We offer several affordable packages on blogging and social media that will take the heavy lifting off of you, so that you can remain focused on your business.

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Specializing in web design, blogging, and social media, we know what it takes to help drive traffic back to your name and brand. Contact us today!

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