Social Media Management

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Management

Ever wondered what habits to do and to avoid for social media management? We’re here to help.

Does your business regularly engage in social media? Are you tweeting, liking, and Googling your way to company success? If so, you may already know the best social media practices to follow. In the digital world of business brand building, there are some standard do’s and don’ts of social media management.


This is, without a doubt, the most difficult of the social media platforms to be successful on. The endless changes to the newsfeed algorithm forces you to review your strategies and results continually. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Don’t worry about page likes.
  • Do be concerned about post likes, comments, and shares. These three functions tell you what content engages your followers, and what to should post more of.
  • Post different content, ranging from videos, text, images, and links.
  • Leave at least 3 hours between posts in order to let content sit and establish the most reach.


Ever managed several accounts on Twitter? You’ll know that this platform requires patience and discipline.

  • Make good use of relevant hashtags, and tag users on every Tweet. Irrelevant hashtags can damage your content, as well as attracting spam accounts.
  • Retweet content that you find relevant and interesting, especially from local businesses and users. This gives followers a better user experience and captures more referral traffic.
  • Avoid over-Tweeting at all costs! There’s a sweet spot where 4 to 7 tweets a day is ideal, too much is overkill, and too little is useless.
  • Post at various times during the day so that followers get fresh content on their feeds.

As you can see, there are certain guidelines to follow if you want to get the best results for your business. If you need some help with your company’s social media management, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California! As experts in the industry, we offer head-to-toe digital marketing services that get your social media marketing on the right path.

Digital Marketing SEO Violations

Digital Marketing No-Nos: SEO Violations That Can Kill Your Rankings

When you’re perfecting your digital marketing skills, know what SEO mistakes to avoid.

Business owners, even though you may have only just wrapped your head around the digital marketing basics, it’s time to learn which SEO strategies hurt your rankings. It’s a full-time job to make sure your SEO isn’t hindering your website rankings! Certain SEO violations can damage your site’s organic visibility and make it harder for you to appear in search results.

Check out the following digital marketing SEO no-nos:

Keyword Stuffing

Have you ever heard that too much of a good thing can be bad for you? Well, this certainly applies to SEO keywords! Don’t be too greedy. Previously, people used keyword stuffing as a way to rank their page for multiple keywords in search engines. Fortunately, Google is smarter now – they’ve updated their spam algorithm to drop rankings for pages that keyword stuff.

Low-Quality Content

Having low-quality content on your site can damage your SEO because Google and other search engines are looking for pages with relevant information. If you duplicate content from another site or web page or post thin content, it’s not considered as valuable to searchers!

Neglecting Social Media

Social media is more powerful than many people realize; some business owners don’t take it seriously because they think of teens and meaningless posts. Contrary to popular belief, social network sites can generate a lot of business for your organization! While social signals are not currently a factor in ranking websites, content that is posted to social channels tends to have an edge in search rankings.

Keep your website at the top of its game (and the top of the search results page!). Let the professionals take the lead to get your website and SEO rankings up to scratch. To learn more about how digital marketing can help you extend your network and get more business, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California.

4 Ways Your Business Can Look Better on Twitter

4 Ways Your Business Can Look Better on Twitter

Struggling to maximize those 140 characters? Use these tips to look better on Twitter!

Twitter has over 310 million monthly active users. That’s a lot of eyes that could potentially be drawn to your business – if you’re using this platform well. Do you want help using this short-but-sweet social media? Here are four ways your business can look better on Twitter.

Detox your follow list.

When was the last time you cleaned out your follow list? People are more likely to follow Twitter users who have more followers than people they follow. It makes you look legitimate, since following individuals in bulk, in the hopes they’ll follow you back, is a common – though slightly spammy – way to rack up followers. If you’re following people who haven’t tweeted since 2011, this is the time to cut that tie.

Keep your branding consistent.

We recently talked about the importance of branding. Don’t forget about it when you’re on social media! Choose a header photo that fits with your website, so people see consistency when they navigate from your Twitter to your site. Similarly, select an appealing, brand-consistent profile picture.

Follow freely – to a point.

Now that your branding is solid, and your follow list is decluttered, you can engage across the Twittosphere. Find accounts with similar interests, whether that means people and businesses in your local community or others in your industry. Your follow list can be a resource to help you come up with ideas for new Tweets!

Be active.

Look, no one’s going to want to follow you if you’re boring on Twitter. Boring could mean not doing anything at all, not engaging with other people, or posting content that’s uninteresting. Make sure you keep your tweet content fresh and fun. Retweet and like other people’s posts, too. This shows that you care about your Twitter community and want to contribute to it, which will help you gather even more followers!

If this sounds like too much to add to your plate, don’t worry! You can contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California to have a digital marketing expert support – or even take over – your Twitter account. Call us to learn more!

insurance websites

Agents – Take Note of These Insurance Website Designs!

These insurance website designs are hot-off-the-press from the team at Stratosphere!

Insurers, what makes your website great? If you don’t know, you’ve got some work to do. Consumers have an incredible amount of choices for where to research and buy their insurance policies online. How do you give them a reason to visit you over all of those other websites? We’ve just launched some great new insurance website designs that will show you what makes a great website.

Pullen Family Insurance Agency

This website features a full-screen, beautiful image, which makes a perfect introduction to the tone and theme of the company! The animation on the navigation creates a user-friendly experience, while the diagonal sections break up the static nature that is so often seen outdated websites. The website doesn’t look like any other insurance web page – and this team isn’t afraid to let their personality shine. In a world of faceless insurers and nameless policies, a personal touch is extremely valuable.

The Pullen Family Insurance Agency website features stunning imagery, user-friendly pages, and one of the most powerful tools for online marketing: a blog. Aside from the technical benefits for SEO like increased traffic and improved search engine rankings, blogging shows your insurance expertise, and invites clients to communicate!



Goodman Insurance Agency, Inc.

This website has a full left-to-right layout which utilizes the entire width of the screen and a scroll on all the internal pages that allows content to breathe and flow. Gone are any signs of a text-heavy page, instead, this website focuses on imagery and content. Verbiage is kept to the essentials, while the sticky menu allows users to move pages seamlessly.

The rev slider improves the user experience by showcasing Goodman Insurance Agency’s services. The navigation menu is transparent which allows the website to breathe without compressing the content or imagery. Neat, huh?




Club Agency

As a potential insurance buyer, who doesn’t love a bit of semiotics? The use of symbols clearly communicates to the user that Club Agency is well-versed in multiple facets of the insurance biz. The parallax scrolling background leads users to the important information about their company: contact information, social media, and blog space.

The negative space allows the guest to focus on information about Club Agency, and why to choose them. Again, there is no substitute for a personal touch – so let it shine through!

Do you need a new insurance website? Our dedicated web design team is here to help you get set up with a new, improved, and unique site. In addition, we provide top-tier marketing services. Call Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California today to get started today.

Digital Marketing Gives You a Better ROI

Take Note: Digital Marketing Gives You a Better ROI

If you’re still cold calling to drum up new business, it’s time to think about digital marketing. 

How do you prospect leads for your business? If you’ve been working for a decade or two, you might have a tried-and-true method. You know that for every 100 cold calls you make, you might get ten appointments with decision makers. And of those appointments, you’ll likely land two or three deals. There’s a definite ROI there, but could digital marketing help you get a higher yield for less money and energy?

We think so. Here’s why. Let’s say instead of spending hours and hours making 100 phone calls, you take one-quarter of that time and create an impressive email campaign. Then you take another quarter of that time and get active on social media, linking up with more people and becoming an active voice in your community.

The email campaign can go out to thousands of individuals, making it easy to grab ten leads. And as you keep your business visible to your network on social media, you’ll see another couple leads come in. Just like that, in half the time you’ve got more opportunities to close!

Even though those metrics show that digital marketing can offer a higher ROI, you may still want to stick to what you know. After all, you’ve got experience making those calls and landing appointments. What if you send an email campaign that didn’t result in any business?

That’s where we come in. As digital marketing experts, we’re here to come alongside your business and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. When you work with Stratosphere Marketing, you get a dedicated Account Manager, who knows your business well. He or she will analyze your network, gather market research, and study performance of past campaigns to make sure you’re getting the ROI you deserve.

In short, digital marketing can get you a better ROI with less effort. Ready to make the swap?

If you want to learn more about digital marketingcontact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California. We’re here to be a resource for insurance agencies, real estate companies, and other busy businesses. Think of us as your marketing team; call us today!

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