Get into the Blogging with These Blogging Tips for Your Small Business

Get into the Blogging Game with These Blogging Tips for Your Small Business

Blogging tips to help your small business build an online presence.  

A beautifully crafted website is a must when it comes to strengthening your business’s online presence. Not only does it help to improve user experience, but it can even help to boost your SERP (search engine results page) rating. However, to maximize the success of your website and to boost your online presence, posting relevant, authoritative, informative content on a regular basis is a must. It helps to boost your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings as well as bring clients to your website. Starting a blog is a great way to better user engagement and educate users about your products and industry. Check out these blogging tips to help you get started.

Blog Efficiently.

It’s important that you publish quality content relevant to your business. The more informative your content, the more authority your website builds. Plus, posting content frequently can help to increase user engagement. When blogging ensure that you’re posting quality, informative information on a regular basis.

Boost Reader Engagement.

While industry related blog posts are important, so is user engagement. Using a more conversational tone helps to keep your readers engaged. However, posting fun lifestyle posts like recipes, health tips, and decorating ideas, can help to boost the number of visitors to your blog. To best maximize your blog posts, lifestyle pieces are a must.

Hire a Professional.

As a small business, everyone wears many hats. Adding blogging to your plate is time-consuming. Fortunately, hiring a professional blogger can help to give you quality content while helping you save time.

When it comes to establishing your online presence, blogging is a key part of the puzzle. It helps to supply useful information and bring people to your site. Our team at Stratosphere Marketing Solutions offers you the best digital marketing services. From original blog content to custom websites, we’re your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. Contact us today.

SEO for Small Business Owners: Tips & Tricks

SEO Series Part V: How to Excel at SEO for Small Business Owners

If you own your own business, don’t give up! Here are some tips and tricks to help with SEO for small business owners.

In 2016, your business’s online presence matters. You know this is true, but as a small business owner, your website is just one of about a million plates you’re trying to keep spinning. Don’t stress! We’ve gathered this roundup of helpful, relatively easy tips and tricks to support search engine optimization, or SEO, for small business owners.

  • Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s. You would be amazed how many websites haven’t gone through a basic SEO checklist. Little foundational things like slow page load speed, lack of mobile compatibility, or broken links can sink your search engine ranking. The good news? It can do the same for your competitors! By simply checking the necessary boxes, you give yourself a shot at winning on the web.
  • Use Content Marketing. Your website isn’t going to magically start moving up Google; you need to give the search engines a reason to notice your site, and content marketing is the perfect reason. Regularly updating your blog and posting on social media shows that you’re actively providing useful content on the web. Search engines love that, and their crawlers will take note.
  • Choose Your Keywords Wisely. Let’s be honest. Your small business probably isn’t going to win the top page of search engines for “auto insurance.” But it very likely could win “auto insurance in [Your City], [Your State].” Before you start trying to optimize your page willy-nilly, do some keyword research. Google AdWords can help you find out what kind of competition is out there (and we can help!) so you can choose winnable keywords.

If you’re a small business owner who wants to optimize your search engine ranking, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California. SEO for small business owners is our sweet spot and we can help you beat out the local competition and get found online! Call us for all of your digital marketing needs.

DIY Marketing

Don’t DIY with your Marketing!

How messing with your marketing yourself can get you into trouble.

We live in the internet age, and tons of information is available at our fingertips – literally. It makes sense that we’ve become a bunch of DIYers. Why wouldn’t we do things ourselves when we have the information we need to get it done how we want, when we want?

We’ll tell you why. In at least one area, doing it yourself isn’t advisable. Specifically, here are a few reasons why our team – who’s seen every type of marketing out there – says you shouldn’t DIY with your marketing for your small business.

  1. You need a map. Would you head out to a destination without knowing how to get there? Probably not. Similarly, you can waste a lot of time and energy trying to kick start your own marketing without even heading in the right direction! Don’t give up precious hours doing something that won’t work.
  2. You need consistent branding. We agree, nobody knows your business like you. With all the other things on your plate, though, you might not always have the time to craft perfectly branded social media posts and email campaigns. Fortunately, a professional marketing team does!
  3. You might get stumped. You might go strong on your marketing for weeks… until you run out of ideas. Then you’ll have to spend even more time researching ideas for future marketing materials. Save yourself the hassle!

It’s sort of like dealing with the electricity system in your house. Sure, you could. You also could electrocute yourself, fry your system, or even burn your house down! With electricity – as with marketing – it’s best to call in a pro.

One of the hardest parts of handing over your marketing is knowing who to give it to. If you want to talk to someone you can trust with your business’s reputation, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions today. We’re digital marketing experts (Don’t believe us? Check out our portfolio) in Westlake Village, California. Our dedicated team is ready to help your company get the recognition it deserves in our modern business world.


Taking Advantage of Google for your Company Image

hands pushing keyboard

Taking Advantage of Google for your Company Image

Ever done research on a small business in your area prior to using them for their services?

We’re going to guess your answer is most likely a “yes,” considering 97% of consumers now use online media to shop locally, according to a 2010 report.

If you happen to own a small business, do yourself a BIG favor and google yourself.

Once you do, ask yourself, “What does my business say about me to a potential client who is researching me online?”

If there isn’t much there, you need a game plan and FAST considering you are missing out on potential customers!

How amazing would it be to have a potential client google you and find:

 -Numerous social media profiles branded beautifully with consistent updates

-a killer website on both a desktop AND mobile device

-videos of you and your employees,

-images of your facility

-An interactive map showing people where you are located..

This would all be a big difference in comparison to just your website coming up, right?


 Whether you realize it or not, people are judging your business before they even call you. They are determining whether their dollars are legitimate enough for providing you with their business and fortunately for you, you now know that your online presence is your chance to truly convey your legitimacy and brand. Taking up Google’s search engine space online is your chance for lead conversion.

Of course, a website and graphic design cost money, but social media profiles, images, and YouTube hold a ton of SEO power on Google and are free options to assist you in further defining your brand online if used properly.

Contact us today to discuss options to further assist you with your brand management online! We are HAPPY to help you and are proud to serve hundreds of small businesses of dozens of industries across the country!

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