Digital Marketing Gives You a Better ROI

Take Note: Digital Marketing Gives You a Better ROI

If you’re still cold calling to drum up new business, it’s time to think about digital marketing. 

How do you prospect leads for your business? If you’ve been working for a decade or two, you might have a tried-and-true method. You know that for every 100 cold calls you make, you might get ten appointments with decision makers. And of those appointments, you’ll likely land two or three deals. There’s a definite ROI there, but could digital marketing help you get a higher yield for less money and energy?

We think so. Here’s why. Let’s say instead of spending hours and hours making 100 phone calls, you take one-quarter of that time and create an impressive email campaign. Then you take another quarter of that time and get active on social media, linking up with more people and becoming an active voice in your community.

The email campaign can go out to thousands of individuals, making it easy to grab ten leads. And as you keep your business visible to your network on social media, you’ll see another couple leads come in. Just like that, in half the time you’ve got more opportunities to close!

Even though those metrics show that digital marketing can offer a higher ROI, you may still want to stick to what you know. After all, you’ve got experience making those calls and landing appointments. What if you send an email campaign that didn’t result in any business?

That’s where we come in. As digital marketing experts, we’re here to come alongside your business and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. When you work with Stratosphere Marketing, you get a dedicated Account Manager, who knows your business well. He or she will analyze your network, gather market research, and study performance of past campaigns to make sure you’re getting the ROI you deserve.

In short, digital marketing can get you a better ROI with less effort. Ready to make the swap?

If you want to learn more about digital marketingcontact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California. We’re here to be a resource for insurance agencies, real estate companies, and other busy businesses. Think of us as your marketing team; call us today!

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