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The Importance of User Reviews for Local SEO

Lacking reviews? Lacking good reviews? It could hurt your local SEO.

We’re in an ever-growing phase of rating, giving stars, leaving feedback, praising, and complaining. In today’s digital age, how would you feel, as a small business, if you found out that 90 percent of customers say that online reviews influence their buying decisions? After all, would you work with a company who had terrible reviews online? As it turns out, user reviews impact your local SEO strategy more than you may realize.

Online reviews are important for many reasons, and have significant implications through their ability to affect:

  • Your rankings in local search engines
  • Which results from the search are clicked on
  • Consumer purchasing decisions

In turn, online reviews are as critical to your local SEO strategy as building citations and on-site optimization. Why, you may ask, eyeing your three-out-of-five-star ranking? In a nutshell, it’s the power of social proof. People need reassurance and confirmation that their actions are the right ones.

When people are looking to get a haircut, people are probably going to avoid the businesses that have an average of one to two stars. Who wants to pay to get a bad haircut or experience? When purchasing something important, like insurance or a website, seeing an average review rating of 4 stars and reading positive reviews may provide the extra push that they need.

So where does SEO come into play? Local search engines love online reviews for one primary reason: Consumers love online reviews. It really is that simple. The faster that a search engine can provide accurate information for the user, the more consumers will return to that particular engine.

Before you embark on creating a review acquisition strategy that works for your business’s local SEO, it’s a good idea to contact the digital marketing professionals at Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California. We’re here to be a resource for insurance agencies, real estate companies, and other busy businesses. Think of us as your marketing team; call us today!


Testimonials: Instant Credibility

The online world provides consumers with the unlimited power of educating themselves prior to any decision making. From word of mouth, to likes, comments, reviews and testimonials – clients love to share their experience whether good or bad.

The relationships you foster with your clients can be used to leverage your brand reputation in the online sphere for future business.

Website: Most consumers will search your company through a referral from word of mouth. If your website is optimized correctly, it will be the first thing that pops up when searched! Testimonials along with the branding on your website help to reaffirm your company’s image.

Local Directories: When searching for a particular service, consumers are doing extensive research before making any sort of monetary decision. Whether it be, Yelp, YellowPages, Angie’s List, White Pages, etc. Consumers are able to share their experience, as well as rate your company too. Be sure to respond to reviews to stay connected and mediate concerns.

Social Media: Social media pages, specifically Facebook, are great channels for clients to stay connected with your company! Reviews and five star ratings look great for your profile and are a great addition to aid in your SEO efforts!

Not sure how to ask?

With clients you have a strong and close relationship with, a personal phone call is the best way to go. However, another alternative is a an email campaign. Ask your designated Account Manager for more information on how you can create a custom design, list and analytic tracking campaign.


Testimonials and reputation management go hand in hand. Securing your company’s online profiles and tracking reviews allows you to stay ahead of the competition and be confident in your company’s reputation. Allow Stratosphere to do the work for you, and grow your business to its full capacity. The sky is the limit, contact us today!

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