Blog Writing Tips

Blog Writing Tips Anybody Can Use

If you’re having trouble writing for your blog, use these easy tips.

Blogging isn’t easy. It requires time, thought, and good writing. Even if you can find the hours in the day and mental energy to sit down at the computer and write a blog, putting together an engaging piece can be a challenge. The good news? You can use these blog writing tips to craft better blogs that earn you better engagement.

  • Ask questions. Do you want people to actually read your blogs? Are you hoping to inspire them to some sort of action (like calling your business)? You probably answered yes to those questions, so you’re reading this sentence. Start your blog by asking questions that your readers will answer with an emphatic, “Yes!” That way, you get engagement from the get-go and set them up to agree with the rest of your blog.
  • Use second person. We’re self-centered by nature. So when you use second person (e.g. you, your, yours), people feel like you’re focusing on them – and they like it. Using second person makes it easier for your audience to engage.
  • Make it easy. In our information-saturated age, people like bite-sized bits. Use bullets, bolded words, and regular paragraph breaks (see what we did here?) to make reading through your content feel manageable to your readers who want to be able to skim it in 5 seconds.

Are you tired of writing your own blogs? Or running out of time to do it? Or even not doing it at all?! To have 100% original, expert-level blogs written just for your business, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California. As digital marketing experts, we can take over your blogging – ensuring you have a carefully crafted blog each week to drive online engagement and search engine ranking improvement. To learn more about the blog packages we offer, SEO-focused blogging, or any of our digital marketing services, call us today!

3 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Web Developer

3 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Web Developer

Before you let your website build begin, consider asking your developer some of these important questions.

At Stratosphere, we love building websites. In fact, we’ve already built over 100 custom sites in 2015! For each web developer on our team, site design is all about telling the world what makes your business so special. In order to do create a site that can do that, we ask you lots of questions. We’ve found, though, that not everyone knows what questions to ask in return.

We want to help you get the most of your new website, so we’re putting the spotlight on these questions that you should always ask your web developer.

  1. When will my site be finished? You might be surprised by how much goes into building a website, so you might be surprised by how long it can take! We hate disappointing our clients, but all too often we’ve seen people come to us with unrealistic expectations for their site’s timeline. Before you start telling your team you’ll have your new site by X date, ask your developer for a timeline.
  2. What kind of revisions will I get? Obviously, you want to have say in your site. Ask your developer at which points in the process you’ll be able to see where things are heading. We generally advise a review/revision process when mock ups are finished, then a final review so you can give your input at regular intervals without having to be involved in every minor step.
  3. What costs are involved? While your web developer has (hopefully!) told you how much your site will cost, it’s important you ask what other expenses will come your way. Things like site hosting and additional features will likely come with associated fees.

The thing about asking these questions is that you need a web developer who will actually give you answers. If you’re looking for a highly responsive, service oriented team to build your new website, we can help! The website design experts at Stratosphere Marketing Solutions are ready to create a beautiful SEO-optimized site that’s as unique as your business. Get a flavor for our work, then contact our Westlake Village, California team today!

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