marketing event for independent insurance agents in New York

Attention Independent Insurance Agents in New York: Don’t Miss Monday’s Marketing Event

Stratosphere’s own Casey Preston will be in Melville, NY to speak on “Marketing to the Modern Consumer” for independent insurance agents in New York.

At Stratosphere, we try to connect in-person with as many clients as possible. Although we’re a digital firm, we know the value of connecting with you face-to-face. Of course, that’s a lot easier with our local West Coast clients. But independent insurance agents in New York needn’t feel left out! This Monday, there’s a local event called “Marketing to the Modern Consumer” that you won’t want to miss!

marketing event for independent insurance agents in New YorkOn Monday, April 11th, head to the Jewel Restaurant (400 Broad Hollow Road) in Melville, New York at 12:15 p.m. You’ll be able to check in for a valuable luncheon meeting where you can glean insight from our very own co-founder Casey Preston. He’ll be sharing his expertise from years of digital marketing experience to help members of TriCounty IIAA, IIAB Suffolk County, and your own agency improve online marketing efforts.

Some of his key talking points will focus on the important parts of every independent insurance agent’s toolbox if he or she wants to reach the modern consumer. Some of these tools include a great website, regular blogging, social media outreach, local search engine optimization (SEO), reputation management, and email marketing. He’ll show you how to use all of these resources to increase traffic and get found online! If you want to boost business at your independent insurance agency, don’t miss Monday’s event!

The cost for the luncheon is just $55. You can register at TriCounty IIAA or IIAB Suffolk County. Independent insurance agents in New York, don’t miss your chance to sign up for this valuable event!

If you can’t make it to this live event, don’t worry. Stratosphere Marketing Solutions has a team of dedicated, experienced Account Managers who can help you assess your digital marketing needs and execute a plan that will help your business reach the modern consumer. If you’d like to freshen up your outreach efforts or have a team of professionals create a customized marketing plan for you, contact Stratosphere in Westlake Village, California today!

New York Golf Fundraiser to Support Sophia LeClaire

Supporting Sophia LeClaire at the 1st Annual Swinging for Blu Golf Classic Fundraiser

Stratosphere member Scautub Insurance Agency will be sponsoring an amazing event on Saturday, September 27th and we want to help spread the word!

The Scautub Agency is sponsoring the 1st Annual Swinging for Blu Golf Classic Fundraiser to help raise funds and show support for 22 month old Sophia LeClaire.  Sophia is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and has been declared legally blind.  Due to her developmental disabilities, Sophia is limited in her ability to perform daily actions that most children her age are able to do, and she requires constant care and attention.

The Scautub Agency is sponsoring this event to help Sophia’s family raise the funds needed to support their daughter and provide her with the In Home Nursing Care she needs.

Stratosphere has members all over the country, and while this fundraiser will be taking place at the Briar Creek Golf Course in Princetown, New York, you can still show your support without attending.

All donations can be sent directly to Scautub Agency:

108 N. Ballston Avenue
Scotia, New York 12302

For more information regarding this event, click here.

We thank you for supporting this wonderful cause and are wishing the best for Sophia and the LeClaire family.

New York Golf Fundraiser to Support Sophia LeClaire

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