How to Identify Gaps in Your Content, gaps in your website’s digital content

How to Identify Gaps in Your Content

Learn how you can prevent gaps in your website’s digital content.

If you are creating digital content for your company’s website, it’s easy to fall into familiar routines and patterns.  However, just because your content is comfortable and familiar doesn’t mean that it’s benefiting your business.  Before you fall into a rut, here are some ways that you can identify gaps in your website’s digital content.

Locate Website Weaknesses

Determining which website pages get the least amount of traffic is one of the best ways to identify gaps in your content.  If you notice that certain pages are visited far less frequently than other pages, then these are the pages that you need to generate content for.  Start by examining the content of your least popular pages and see where you can improve your SEO practices.  Once you hammer out that issue, think about creating supportive content that will drive traffic towards these previously overlooked pages.  This will ensure that the content you produce is actually benefitting your company.

Appeal to User Needs

Another way to close any content gaps your website is by figuring out what your users want to see.  This will require some research on your part.  Whether you directly ask engaged users or turn to statistics to figure things out, it’s important that you pinpoint the questions that your customers have after using your site.  From there, all you need to do is address these questions to ensure that you bridge this content gap.

These are some of the ways that you can identify and address gaps in your website’s digital content.  Need assistance with creating the comprehensive and original content that your business needs?  Then turn to the experts at GTK Analytics.  From digital content creation to custom web design, our team has the right digital marketing solutions for all your needs.

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