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Helpful Google Extensions For Your Everyday Internet Tasks!

It seems technology applications, whether it be for social or business purposes, are being introduced at an hourly rate in 2015. From ideas such as the live-stream video platform Periscope, to instant payment solution Venmo, it is certainly hard to keep up.

As a business owner, these can be viewed as resources in most cases. If you aren’t familiar with Google Chrome extensions, you may want to start familiarizing yourself with these time-saving tools. For example, the extension Lazarus automatically saves webform inputs if you accidentally hit that back button on your browser!

Are you in the middle of some pressing task at work, but you come across an article that could be beneficial to your company? Save Text to Google Drive extension allows you to save simply the texts of these pieces – without any of those pesky banner/video ads!

Lastly, extension Pixler allows the inner graphic designer in you to edit nearly any image you come across on the Internet. All of these (and more!) are not only free, but can be quite valuable in your day to day operations!

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