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How Good Web Design Increases Lead Conversion

A hand-crafted, good web design can do a lot for your online presence, but how about your sales?

There is a big misconception when it comes to the role of web design. Many people see design purely as aesthetics that dresses up the appeal of the business. While visual satisfaction is important, your website should be more than a pretty digital brochure. Good web design, when partnered with adequate user function and high-quality content, is a tool that can help you to reach specific business goals.

Your website is typically the primary touchpoint that your audience or visitors will land on to check you out, so it’s understandable that you want to make a good first impression. Even so, you can have a stunning website, but if the pages aren’t converting visitors to leads, your site isn’t performing at its best. A good site will encompass all of the guest’s needs, sparking the confidence in them to reach out.

Check out just a handful of design considerations to keep in mind to make your website more effective at converting visitors into leads.

  • Visual weight and direction

First impressions are critical online. You have around 10 seconds to make a good impression before a visitor leaves. Fortunately, compelling visuals, nice photography, and a clean overall layout can help to hold a visitor’s interest. It’s worth noting that when there are competing elements on a page, the eye tends to land on what is visually dominant, so it’s wise to ensure that this is a picture or text that is relevant to your business’s services.

  • Navigation

Never underestimate the importance of user-friendly navigation. Good usability is when a visitor can easily find information on your site and complete actions, such as converting in a call to action. Simple navigation, such as using a consistent style for links and headlines, help to create a clear path for the visitor to take.

  • Avoid information overload

Gone are the days of text-heavy sites that would overwhelm every visitor. Now, it’s all about keeping a clean and neat site with the basics about your business at the forefront. Instead of bombarding your home page with industry insights and tips and tricks, designate all of this information to a blog where you can keep clients and visitors informed. Additionally, call to actions should be compelling enough for users to engage and convert.

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