Office Snacks

Office Snacks: A Sure Way to an Employee’s Heart

Are your business’s benefits less than fruitful? Offer office snacks instead.

Crazy about cereal? Nuts about nuts? Fancy fruit? More and more business these days are providing office snacks for their employees to munch on throughout the day. From exciting break rooms to ping pong tables, the workplace environment is evolving into a work-friendly, employee-friendly, fun zone.

Businesses have latched on to the fact that the way to an employee’s heart is through his or her stomach – and free office snacks are making all the difference. In fact, office eats are one of the sure ways to attract top talent and sustain employee retention. There are few things that free food can’t do!

Employees have more energy. Food is fuel for the mind and body, but plenty of employees don’t keep themselves nourished throughout the day. An empty stomach can lead to grogginess and hindered productivity, which means that report won’t be on your desk until tomorrow. Serving light snacks (we’re talking fruit and nuts, not candy and sugar!), improves energy levels as well as overall productivity.

Employees are healthier. Throw out the soda and candy snacks; they aren’t doing anyone any favors. Instead, providing nuts, fruit, vegetables, granola, and water can significantly reduce your employee’s calorie and fat intake. Why pay for a donut now when you have free snacks at the office? Let’s face it; it’s better for your employees’ wallet, waistline, and overall health.

Employees are happier. Even if you do decide to bring in a box of donuts on the occasional Friday morning (which even the team at Stratosphere are guilty of!), providing employees with a snack will help boost their morale and improve their overall mood. Who can say no to a kind gesture of free food?

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