Create Catchy Subject Line

Five Steps to Make a Compelling and Catchy Subject Line

Want to create clickable content with a catchy subject line? Read on.

Have you heard the phrase, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’? Well, when it comes to emails, you can scrap that thinking. Despite what many say, people do judge emails solely by their subject lines. As a business, you know that creating great content to go in your communications is important. What’s equally as important is getting prospects and clients to follow through on actions – like opening an email. Even if your content in the email is killer, if your subject line is letting you down, don’t wait by the phone for calls.

The subject line is the single most influential factor in generating an email open. Making a catchy one that stands out from the crowd to guarantee a click-through is worth spending time on. Here are five tips to get you started.

  • Inject a bit of humor

Everyone loves a laugh. General humor can work really well in email subject lines as they surprise recipients and make them smile. If your business can exude a bit of fun and humor, let it! Personally, puns are our favorite weapon of choice.

  • Avoid ‘spam’ words

It can be tempting to write an email subject line which will encourage subscribers to open the emails, such as including words like ‘free’ or ‘one time only offer’. Unfortunately, many of these words trigger an email provider’s spam filters, sending your well-crafted, well-written email straight into the junk folder.

  • Personalize, personalize, personalize!

Although a little more complicated (and time-consuming) to do, adding in the recipient’s first name definitely catches their eye. If a subscriber thinks that an email was personally written to them, they’re more likely to feel inclined to click on it.

  • Invoke curiosity

Next to no one will open an email that they think will waste their time. One of the simplest ways to inspire a click is to create curiosity and spark your subscriber’s imagination. Use short sentences and questions to just this. For example, a florist may use, ‘Ready for Mother’s Day?’, whereas an auto insurer may put, ‘Auto insurance: Are you getting what you pay for?” Simple, yet it directly engages with the reader.

  • Format it

Now that you know what you’re going to say, consider how you’re going to say it. It’s best to avoid using all capitals that can appear aggressive, and aim to stick to using 50 to 65 characters. Better yet, add special characters (punctuation, symbols, and emojis (but perhaps not all three) to show that you have something different.

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Digital Marketing

How to Effectively Engage Your Audience Through Digital Marketing

An audience-led approach to digital marketing drives success.

If there’s one thing that you can’t do too much of in digital marketing, it’s interacting with followers. When engaging with your audience, you capture their attention and create a positive, valuable experience for your prospective customers. When you’re looking to improve your digital marketing strategies, take a look at how you’re engaging with your audience – if at all. More often than not, when you improve your engagement, you see a higher return on investment, followers, ‘likers,’ and clients.

Here’s how to improve your audience-focused digital marketing schemes!

Focus on social advertising. Email and sponsored advertising generate the most neutral experience. While you may not think that you want to provide a neutral experience, it’s much greater than a negative experience. Successful advertising is non-disruptive, such as followed campaigns on social media platforms. In addition, marketing that a user has chosen to receive is well received. In short, email newsletters, sponsored LinkedIn ads, and Facebook ads work well to engage with audiences. These options tend to be less pushy in nature, all the while focusing on sharing great content and offers!

Add value to your ads. Your digital marketing is still a form of content – so make it worth reading! Choose to increase value for your audience rather than push them into a purchase. More and more businesses are opting to create informative and engaging content for their audience rather than sell their product or service. The result? More clients and consumers. What’s more, content-based pay-per-click ads directly drive customers to your product!

Focus your targeting. One of the best advantages of using digital advertising are the targeting options available to you. You can streamline your Facebook ads to reach a segment of users who are most likely to find it useful. This option adds value by offering valuable content, driving relevant traffic, and turning those visitors into high-quality leads!

Keep your business at the top of its digital marketing game (and the top of the search results page!). To learn more about how digital marketing can help you engage your audience and drive business, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California today!

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