Facebook Frustration? Don’t Worry, We Still Like you!

Page likes and post reach numbers have significantly dropped off of Facebook’s newest algorithm update “cliff”. While trying to enhance user experience on their News Feeds, Facebook has found the monetary gain in reducing the organic reach efforts of business pages.

 Facebook is attempting to reduce the overwhelming News Feed by minimizing the amount of posts flooding it daily, with content that users deem important based on their engagement. The more they click on an article or like posts from a certain page, the more it will populate on their feeds. 

According to TIME, a study from Ogilvy & Mather reported that Facebook post reach was at an all time low of only reaching 6% of a page’s following last year. Rumors are that this number is only going to diminish.

But…Don’t Panic! Here’s what you can do:

Say Hi!: In the top right hand corner of the Facebook window, there’s an option button to “use Facebook as” either your personal profile, or Business page. Take a turn in using it as your Business Page and interact with your followers! Comment, like, congratulate, direct message – do whatever you need to stir up some engagement.

Facebook is NOT the world: Although, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, it’s not the only one. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are all great channels to capture an audience! Just be sure you’re tailoring your message to the appropriate following that each media channel has.

More Money Honey: Still stuck on Facebook? Well then you’re going to have to play by their rules. Creating a Facebook campaign or boosting posts are both productive ways to build a following or target a certain audience with guaranteed results. The more money you put into these budgets, the larger your reach will be, but it’s going to cost you.

 Facebook and Google value quality content, and so do we! Contact us today for all your digital marketing and social media needs.

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