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Blog imagery makes all the difference! Here’s why.

Blog imagery makes all the difference! Here’s why.


Are you blogging on a regular basis on your website, or maybe even with us here at Stratosphere?

Here’s a helpful trick to start incorporating, if you aren’t already:

 Include images with your posts as they make for a more appealing article!

 Here’s some of the benefits of including imagery in your blog posts:

 1.       The Internet is a very Visual Place.

Woman hand reaching images streaming from the deep.

 The internet is a very interactive venue, holding an assortment of methods and ways for people to not only communicate, but convey their messages. Keeping that in mind, heavily text laden materials tend not to be as read as often as an article that includes imagery. Instead, break up your material with an eye pleasing image that is related to the article to draw in the viewer’s interest.

 2.       Photos & Search Engines are in a Relationship.


 Sure, photos on your blog make everything more eye pleasing, but the benefits lie deeper. Photos have the ability to be key worded and optimized for search with title tags and meta-information. Optimize your photos with relevant tags to increase your chances of your blog being read online. Properly keyworded photos assist search engines in defining what your content is about. When you properly assist them, you are rewarded!

 3.       Support your Point.

Think creative

 Include relevant graphs and charts to support your ideas and points. Photos can assist you in conveying the message you are trying to spread to your audience.

 Don’t currently have photos through your Stratosphere blog? Contact us today!

We have access to millions of the world’s best photos at our fingertips and can optimize every single one we place on your blog for search. We have very affordable packages ($20-$40/month) to include this as an add-on service to what we are already providing!


WordPress Websites: Second to none.

If you didn’t already know this, websites have the ability to be built on many, MANY different platforms.

When comparing the various platforms online, one may come across long, ranting reviews commenting on which platform is “the best” and notating which platforms may have one particular advantage over another..yadda yadda..

You may find through your research that a website built on one platform may have continuous compatibility issues with a certain browser (Firefox, or a certain version of Internet Explorer, etc.) while on the other hand, a website built on a different platform is consistently compatible with several browsers, but lacks an immediate functionality you and your business demand.

So how do you choose?

Exhausted businesswoman

Stay away from all of the drama, and go with a platform that includes what you demand: WordPress.

We use WordPress for our own website, along with the hundreds of other websites we’ve built for people and businesses across the nation.

Here are just a few of the reasons why WordPress continues to be the platform we exclusively work with:

Ease of Use

Keep It Simple on a Blackboard

In comparison to other platforms, WordPress makes things easier for our developers to use. When one of our members needs an update or a page added to their site, it’s not going to be as time consuming for our developers to work on as another platform may be. We charge change requests by amount of time involved, so less time equals WAY less money spent for you.

Search Engines LOVE WordPress Sites

Love on the Web

The coding behind WordPress sites are very clean and simple, making it super easy for a search engine to read and index a site’s content (via original content on web pages & blog posts, another aspect search engines crave.) When you make the search engines happy, you are rewarded.

A Blog is Built in and Ready to Go

Blog Word On Paper Post It

Blogging, if you didn’t already know, is the KEY to having search engines find you, recognize you, and reward you by organically pushing you up the rankings for continuously pushing relevant content related you and your brand.


The Possibilities are Endless

Photo realistic 'the sky's the limit' sign, isolated on pure whi

Say you want a calendar, a video gallery, an Instagram feed, etc. on your website. Done. There’s most likely a plugin created for that that can be installed onto the backend of your site and put into action for you. Once again, saving our developers time, and thus, making website changes affordable.


The Design of the site is Fully Customizable

Vector flat modern icons on sample background

Say you don’t like the layout of the site, or you would like a certain section to be moved..Done. Through readily available features on WordPress, custom coding can be done to tweak the template of the site, meaning things can be moved around how you want them to be.


While in search of a website developer, be sure to always ask the potential developer which platform will be used in the creation of your site. We strongly suggest using WordPress due to all of the benefits it lends.

Asking for a WordPress site early on can mean saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run for you and your business.

Remember, we are always here to help!

Always remember that Stratosphere would love to help you when you are in need of website development or redesign.

We offer several affordable web design options on WordPress that will help you with all of the above–

Please contact us today!

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