Pay-Per-Click Marketing

What Can a Pay-Per-Click Marketing Do For You?

Take your business to the next level with pay-per-click marketing.

Any business implementing digital marketing should understand the immense benefits that come along with cyberspace. From Facebook ads to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your business can do a lot to improve the scope of prospects and return on investment. With that said, is your business making the most of the available technology by using pay-per-click marketing? If you’re stumped about what this is (and how it can benefit your business!), read on.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a way of using search engine advertising to generate clicks to your website instead of receiving those clicks organically. You’ll see ads at the top of Google’s search results, marked with a yellow ‘Ad’ label – that’s the result of Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click. You pay the search engine a small fee every time someone clicks on your ad, which takes the visitor to your website. As a result, you drive more business to your website with limited work, time, and money!

Pay-per-click marketing offers a lot more than you may realize:

Searchers: Studies indicate that searchers click on paid search ads more often than any form of digital advertising. A searcher is more likely to click on an ad when it displays their desired product. After all, if what he or she wants is at the top of the page, why visit several search results to find it? Customer satisfaction depends on convenience. Fortunately, Google ensures that PPC ads meet the user’s needs

Advertisers: Searchers reveal their intent through their search query. This means that advertisers can track traffic for an individual’s searches and offer their product accordingly. Advertisers can measure the traffic that results from search engine clicks to understand just how effective it is.

Search Engines: PPC allows search engines to cater to searchers and advertisers simultaneously. By being the ‘middleman,’ both parties can fulfill their needs through PPC marketing. The engines want to provide relevant results for the searchers, all the while offering a highly targeted, revenue-driven advertising channel. Our verdict? Mission accomplished!

With the right team by your side, your business can experience a successful pay-per-click marketing strategy. Contact the pros at Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California to have a digital marketing expert get your PPC marketing up and running. Call us to learn more!

Local Business Google Ads

Three Reasons Your Local Business Needs Ad Location Extensions

Is your local business paying for advertising on search engines? You won’t want to miss out on this feature.

For local businesses, there are a lot of ways to run paid advertising on search engines. One of the most important (and easiest!) things a local business can do to maximize their search advertising return on investment is to turn on location ad extensions.

When you use this feature, the user can see your business location and phone number. In turn, you can specify a radius around your business location to show your ads to people within the range.

Here’s how location extensions in ads help your business!

They reach local searchers.

If you’re looking for a quick caffeine fix, you’re likely to go to the closest coffee shop – unless that business doesn’t pop up on the results! Google’s location extensions are required so that ads show up on local search results and Google Maps. Users who search for location-specific information may have a high purchase intent. Therefore, they’re more likely to call or visit a business.

They encourage contact.

Over half of all searches are conducted on mobile devices. With that said, you should optimize all your search engine marketing for mobile search. Your ads are no exception! Mobile ads with location extensions encourage the user to click a button to call your business straight away, or better yet, pop in for a visit now that they know the address!

They sell.

Ad extensions give your more availability to promote your business’s address, phone number, and hours. These help to improve your ad’s click-through and conversion rate. Also, Google favors ads that have relevant content, and the best extensions enabled for searches.  

If you’re a local business owner who wants to be found on search engines, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California. Small business digital marketing is our sweet spot, and we can help you beat out the local competition and get found online! Call us for all of your digital marketing needs.

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