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Most of your traffic is coming from Social Media!

Did you know that last quarter Facebook passed 1.19 billion monthly active users, Twitter reached 232 million users, Google+ hit 300 million users, and on Friday LinkedIn reached 300 million users?

According to Forbes, referral traffic from social media has increased 8.53%, within the last year. What does this mean? People are visiting your site, becoming customers, and showing interest in YOU…all through social media. Alright, given these statistics and information let’s get down to business. How can you improve your referral traffic?

  1. Blogs: When posting blogs, include an excerpt or intro of what you are going to talk about. This will grab your audiences’ attention.
  2. Images: Visuals are key! Posts with pictures gain 94% more page visits than those without.
  3. Timing: When do you post to your wall? Do you know how much of a difference 11AM makes versus 11PM? Make sure to check your Facebook Insights – this will tell you the optimal time to post, and when your traffic is the most active.
  4. Link Back: When you post to Facebook, you want to include a link back to your website. Why? Because when they click on your post, they will be directed back to your website… what does that mean? It means they are now in YOUR realm, YOUR world and YOUR sphere. #nopun
  5. Advertise: Try “boosting” your posts sometimes. With a simple $10, we think you would be surprised to see the amount of action you get. We’ve seen posts exceed 20,000+ views!

Now think about your business… Are you on social media? Do you have a business page? Do you ever wonder how far your posts on social media actually go, or who reads them? Well, you’re in luck…Stratosphere does ALL of this for you. We blog, we link back, we include images, we’ve got good timing, and we help you create ads! #letsgetposting #socialmediarules

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