Instagram: The New Way to Advertise

Instagram has made big changes recently when it comes to advertising…and we think it’s about time! After over a year and a half of offering sponsored ad space, Instagram announced that it will be switching its advertising API or application programming interface. What does that mean? Basically, advertisers and marketers will be able to start planning and buying their Instagram ads in a more automated fashion mirroring ads on Facebook or Twitter. Prior to this switch, a company backed by a big budget would need to contact an Instagram sales representative directly in order to start the process.

According to Business Insider, an Instagram representative stated that, “The Instagram Ads API will help us make ads more relevant to the community, serve more diverse business objectives, and make buying on the platform easier for advertisers. We started working with a group of Facebook Marketing Partners a few weeks ago and they’ve brought great experience and technological savvy onto the platform. We’ll continue to build upon the Instagram Ads API in the coming weeks and months.”

Partners of Instagram’s Ads API will include some of Facebook’s biggest marketing partners: Kenshoo, Brand Networks, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Unified, SocialCode, 4C, Nanigans, and Ampush.

What do you think about Instagram’s announcement? Are you looking forward to seeing advertisements across the platform?

We know we can’t wait to try out cross function marketing campaigns that will soon include Instagram! If you’re looking to step up your online marketing presence, contact us today!




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