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Get your Small Business Moving!

If you’re wondering why your business may not be getting attention, growth, or “business” here are a few reasons why:

  1. You’re not engaging your customers and potential customers enough. When running a “small” business, relationships are key. Most of the time, consumers who are working with smaller businesses are looking for that personal relationship. The only way a business will thrive is through their customers, so make an effort to please them. Try this:
    1. Rewarding loyalty – give gift cards for those who refer you, or send out a personal note thank them.
    2. Interact with your social media followers. When someone comments respond!
    3. Ask clients for feedback. There are many ways to do this: email campaigns, social media posts, surveys, etc.!
  2. Your website presence isn’t everything it could be. This day and age, you need a great website. Modern technology is constantly growing, and your cookie-cutter website isn’t keeping up. A reputable website and a great marketing plan will move mountains when potential clients are looking you up.
  3. You’re focusing more on quantity than quality. When you do this, you may be losing focus on the most important part of your business…your clients. Slow down and stop spreading yourself too thin, it is vital you maintain high quality of service.
  4. You can’t handle the workload effectively.

Do you feel like you can’t keep up with the work your business is providing you? Have you hit a wall? Are you having trouble answering clients on social media? Do you have the time to create email campaigns to promote your business? Is your website the best it could be?

We have great news for you…Stratosphere can do ALL of this for you. We will interact with your clients on social media and we will take the reins on email campaigns. Most of all we will focus on making your business look the best it can be, by designing and branding a flawless website!

Contact us today for all your digital marketing needs!

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