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How To: Follow Up With Clients Without Being Annoying this Holiday Season

Need to follow up with clients during the holidays but don’t want to seem annoying? Here are some tips to help!

The holidays are here! You’re probably celebrating personally, but it can make things a little tricky professionally. If you’re having trouble getting responses from clients due to the time of year, we feel you… Here are a few tips to help you follow up with clients during the holidays without bugging them.

  • Acknowledge the holidays. Look, none of us like to be barraged by emails this time of year. When you do get one, it’s always nice to open it and find that the person on the other end it at least in the holiday spirit! Saying things like, “Hi ___, I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and your holiday season isn’t too busy yet!” is a nice reminder that you’re celebrating the season alongside your clients!
  • Be personal. This is an amazing time of year when we all have the chance to spend more time with and put more attention on friends and family. Why not maintain that great theme in your emails? When you do have to bug (ahem, contact) your clients, try to include personal, thoughtful details to maintain the warm, fuzzy feeling of the holiday season.
  • Remind them why you’re contacting them. People are extremely busy this time of year. Don’t just push out email after email that basically says, “Hey, just following up!” Try something more specific to let your client know why it’s important they respond even in the midst of the holidays. We like to say things like, “Hi ____, I just wanted to see if you’ve had a chance to think about your blogging topics this month. It’s important we have great topics selected so we can start 2016 with strong marketing!” Giving your clients the “why” makes it clear you’re not trying to nag, you actually do need their response.

Want advice about how you can get what you need from your clients without being a pest this season? Contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions. Our Westlake Village, California team is more than happy to lend our insight to you! Also, don’t forget that we’re here for all of your digital marketing and website needs.

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