DIY Marketing

Don’t DIY with your Marketing!

How messing with your marketing yourself can get you into trouble.

We live in the internet age, and tons of information is available at our fingertips – literally. It makes sense that we’ve become a bunch of DIYers. Why wouldn’t we do things ourselves when we have the information we need to get it done how we want, when we want?

We’ll tell you why. In at least one area, doing it yourself isn’t advisable. Specifically, here are a few reasons why our team – who’s seen every type of marketing out there – says you shouldn’t DIY with your marketing for your small business.

  1. You need a map. Would you head out to a destination without knowing how to get there? Probably not. Similarly, you can waste a lot of time and energy trying to kick start your own marketing without even heading in the right direction! Don’t give up precious hours doing something that won’t work.
  2. You need consistent branding. We agree, nobody knows your business like you. With all the other things on your plate, though, you might not always have the time to craft perfectly branded social media posts and email campaigns. Fortunately, a professional marketing team does!
  3. You might get stumped. You might go strong on your marketing for weeks… until you run out of ideas. Then you’ll have to spend even more time researching ideas for future marketing materials. Save yourself the hassle!

It’s sort of like dealing with the electricity system in your house. Sure, you could. You also could electrocute yourself, fry your system, or even burn your house down! With electricity – as with marketing – it’s best to call in a pro.

One of the hardest parts of handing over your marketing is knowing who to give it to. If you want to talk to someone you can trust with your business’s reputation, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions today. We’re digital marketing experts (Don’t believe us? Check out our portfolio) in Westlake Village, California. Our dedicated team is ready to help your company get the recognition it deserves in our modern business world.

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