Top Ideas for a Modern Insurance Agency Website

Top Ideas for a Modern Insurance Agency Website

Insurance Agency Website Design 

Web design and technology are constantly changing. Here at GTK Analytics, we like to say that a website is never ‘done’ as it is a continually evolving thing. Not only that, but as your agency grows and finds its niche, so must your website. When you’re looking for insurance web development, check out some of these top characteristics of a modern insurance agency website.

Responsive Design

These days, people are using different devices to shop for insurance. Having a responsive website means that your website resizes itself automatically depending on the size of the screen the individual is using. For a customer to engage in your site and agency, responsive design is a must-have.

Optimized for SEO

An SEO-optimized website will reach more people than one that has not been optimized. However, there’s a fine line between cramming keywords onto a page and creating content that draws prospects in. Search engines are skillful in discerning the difference between well-written copy and keyword-stuffed ramblings. Our writers only produce high-quality, 100% original, and compelling content to improve your SEO ranking.

Design Elements

Got a text-heavy site? Very few (if any) visitors will read through every bit of information you’ve crammed onto the home page. Still using clip art? You could be doing your agency a disservice. Borrowing images from other sites? You are likely to get caught. A well-thought-out design can do wonders for your agency. We only use high-quality photos that are licensed.

SSL Certificates

Search engines are starting to reward sites that are encrypted. All of our sites now automatically come with SSL encryption.

Simple Site Navigation

Your potential policyholders want to navigate their way around your site quickly. Typically, they are either looking for information on your policies or wish to contact you. Making it easy to navigate the site can lead to more inquiries.

With everything you have to keep in mind, insurance website design isn’t always easy to tackle on your own.  Struggling with your website?  Then don’t hesitate to contact the design experts at GTK Analytics.  Our highly-trained team is ready to work with you to create a beautiful, custom-designed website to best meet your needs.

4 Factors That Affect Website Speed

4 Factors That Affect Website Speed

Is your website speed letting you down?

Your graphics are stellar. Your content is decent. You offer some quality products or services. You did the background research on your target market. So, what is going wrong? Could your page loading time be to blame? Research found that nearly half of web users expect a website to load within two seconds or less. Anything more than three seconds and the user is likely to click off the site. This may not sound like a big deal, but users say that they often don’t visit the page again. This is where a web development and design team can come in handy. As a business, you should know the top factors that impact website speed and what you can do about them.

Connection Speed

As you may have guessed, the type of internet connection the user has will directly affect the speed at which any website loads. If a user visits your page on a dial-up connection, no matter how well you’ve optimized the site, it’s just going to take longer to load. DSL offers a quicker connection than dial-up, but nothing can quite beat a fiber optic connection.


Your web hosting company and the server it chooses to place your website on can have a major impact on the speed at which your website loads. If there aren’t enough resources on the server, it will slow things down for everyone. Although shared hosting is an economical choice for many small websites, it is not the best solution for all. Reliable hosting can help to improve your website’s speed.

File Types and Sizes

Typically, the larger your file sizes are and the more files you have to load on a page, the longer it will take to load in the browser. The best way to tackle this issue if you want to keep your files is to optimize them as much as possible. You can minify your code and optimize image formats to keep your files as lean as possible.


Having too many plugins on your website or not updating them often can dramatically slow down your load time. New updates for plugins are always occurring, so it’s important that you keep on top of your website and update plugins when necessary.

There are many ways you can improve your website’s speed! Sound like a lot of work?  Then turn to the experts at GTK Analytics for assistance with your website.  Our highly-trained team has the experience and resources to implement a successful insurance agency marketing strategy for you.  From website design to SEO optimization to original web copy creation, contact us for all your digital marketing needs today.

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

Why web design is important for your business’s content marketing.

We’ve already established numerous times that web design is extremely important as the first impression for your customer base – from the choice of color to the layout – but how does it affect content marketing? It can affect many aspects of your online business presence, and so you must choose your design carefully. Once your website has wowed visitors, you want them to contact you for more information, right? What better way to do that than by ensuring that they can navigate your site easily and quickly, making marketing a pleasant experience! Here’s how web design can impact content marketing.

  • Ease of Access

If you’re publishing a large amount of content on your website, you’ll need to make sure that it’s easy to find and ready. Navigation needs to be seamless so that your customers can find the right information without having to search. An easy way to combat this is to create a sticky menu that stays at the top of the page as the visitor scrolls down the site.

  • Impression

Professional and attractive are two words that you will want to keep in your mind when thinking about your website’s design. Your website will instantly make an impression, so it’s important that each visitor finds it visually appealing.

  • Readability

Is your content scattered throughout the site? Do you have repeated content on different pages? You want to make sure that you convey your message as clear and as concise as possible. By making your font and text visually appealing, too, you can help to spread your business’s message.

With everything you have to keep in mind, website design isn’t always easy to tackle on your own.  Struggling with your website?  Then don’t hesitate to contact the design experts at GTK Analytics.  Our highly-trained team is ready to work with you to create a beautiful, custom-designed website to meet your needs.

Our Recent Website Launches!

These websites are hot-off-the-press from the team at GTK Analytics!

Drive business. Improve reputation. Establish resources. A good website can do all of this and more. If your site is looking lack-luster and isn’t helping your SEO ranking or your customers’ experience, it could be time to look into designing a new website. Clean and improved sites can do wonders for any business.

Here at GTK Analytics, we’ve just launched some great websites for our amazing clients. Check out what our design team did to make them shine.

Stan McKnight

As human resources professionals, we knew that we had to make Stan McKnight’s site look clean, resourceful, and professional. Because of this, the homepage opens to a full-page image with a text summary of the company. The large use of imagery and straightforward statements makes for a refreshing change from the text-heavy sites that now look outdated.

As you scroll down the page, more information loads, going into more detail about their services. The use of icons and a small text summary ensure that the reader has all the information at their fingertips – without feeling overwhelmed. Overall, we’re really pleased with this site and the fact that we got to work with this business.


Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Team

Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Team is a huge name in the industry, so we know we had to create a site that impressed visitors. Since they are based in San Diego, the website opens to a large image of the local scenery so that guests can feel familiar and comfortable with the brand. The sticky menu at the top stays present even as the visitor scrolls down the page, so navigation is easy and seamless.

The parallax scrolling on the homepage invites guests to learn more about how Gaylord-Hansen serve VA loans and are person and family-based, rather than treating clients as a number. When this is followed by testimonials and contact information, it makes for a seamless transition on how and why to contact the business.


Visit Vegas Homes

As a real estate resource, Visit Vegan Homes’ site needed to be incredibly user-friendly, picture-dominant, and professional-looking. Luckily, we think we achieved this pretty well. The page opens to a full-width image of the local Nevada landscape, along with a search engine to generate the right listings for the individuals’ needs.

The full-width call-to-action at the bottom of the page invites visitors to reach out for more information. Along with this, all the social media icons link out to relevant social media profiles, encouraging visitors to engage on other platforms.


Our dedicated web design team is here to help you get set up with a new, improved, and unique website. In addition, we provide top-tier digital marketing services so that your business has the best chance of online success. Call GTK Analytics in to get started!

website design for insurance agencies

Website Ideas for Your Insurance Agency

Consider these ideas for your insurance agency’s website.

Part of a successful insurance agency marketing strategy is having an intuitive company website.  However, with web design and technology constantly evolving, it’s important that you update your website to ensure that you are staying on top of trends.  By having an attractive, updated, and easy-to-navigate website, your agency can gain the brand recognition that it’s looking for.  Here are some great ideas for your insurance agency’s website.

Favor Quality Over Quantity

Crowding your website with multiple calls to action and low-quality clip art images is a thing of the past.  Nowadays, website design standards call for fewer, higher quality images that take center stage on each page of your website.  Additionally, modern website design uses simplified color palettes that match your company’s logo to create a clean, cohesive look.

Optimize for SEO

If your agency isn’t already leveraging the power of SEO, then it needs to be.  Correctly optimizing your website for SEO can increase your web traffic and brand recognition significantly.  Even if your website does use SEO keywords, it’s important that you do not sacrifice readability or usability in your attempt to get your agency trending.  As search engines have improved their ability to differentiate between well-written copy and keyword laden nonsense, you are much better off filling your site with original and compelling content that doesn’t awkwardly force in keywords.

Focus on User Experience

Generally, when people click in a website, they are looking for clear information offered in simple terms.  This is why your website should be organized, easily navigable, and easy to understand.  Your main landing page should display clear links to relevant information, and your web copy should be written in a concise and engaging tone.  This will ensure that your users are having a positive experience interacting with your agency’s site.

These are some of the things that you can do to improve your insurance agency’s website.  Sound like a lot of work?  Then turn to the experts at GTK Analytics for assistance with your website.  Our highly-trained team has the experience and resources to implement a successful insurance agency marketing strategy for you.  From website design to SEO optimization to original web copy creation, contact us for all your digital marketing needs today.

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