Blessing Your Business with Blogs

Blogging is one of the best channels to convey your company’s voice and insights to current and potential clients. Having the right balance of your industry’s news, along with company highlights, is what keeps consumers coming back for more. Here is a list of some of the benefits of blogging for your business.

  • Traffic: Not only do blogs add additional page indexes within Google to your website, it makes the potential of future clients easier to find you. Link-back to specific pages within your own site to direct your readers to relevant resources.
  • SEO: Google ranks original content higher than repurposed content, duplicate content can actually lead to a drop in Google rankings. By keyword optimizing your blogs, you increase the chances of your target audience finding you online!  
  • You’re The Expert!: Blogging on current industry trends, customer inquiries, and helpful tips n’ tricks helps to prove your knowledge and increase your authority. Voice your blogs in sync with who the target is – be sure to keep your blogs straightforward with uncomplicated language for consumers or define and explain confusing terms.
  • Relate: Don’t get us wrong, clients appreciate the real estate market prediction and latest industry news every now and then, but  make sure to mix it up. Blogs provide you with a conversational outlet to let your clients and prospects get to know you on a more personal level. Is the office going to be closed for Labor Day? Did your company recently participate in a charity event? Do you have a new referral program? Share it!
  • Stay In The Spotlight: Don’t have time to write a blog everyday? (That’s why you have us ;)) 1-2 posts once a week throughout the month is plenty. Increase your visibility by syndicating or posting to your social media outlets too.

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