try out these suggestions to establish a social media presence

Social Media Tips for Insurance Agents

Try out these suggestions to leverage the power of social media.

Nowadays, having a beautifully designed website isn’t enough to establish a strong online presence.  One way that insurance agencies can boost their online results is by leveraging the power of social media.  Whether it be posting on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, using social medial platforms should be an important component of your insurance agency marketing strategy.  Interested in establishing a social media presence, but not sure where to start?  Then try out these social media tips for insurance agents.

  • Be Patient

As you begin your social media journey, it’s important that you stay patient.  While it might be disappointing to see that your post has only been liked 20 times, it’s unreasonable to expect massive success right off the bat.  Just make sure that you stick with it, being careful to post interesting and original content at a regular interval.  The more that you post, the more that your social media influence will grow; it just might take a little bit of time to get noticed.

  • Be Informative

Social media is all about distributing information in a quick, easily digestible format.  This is why it’s important to make sure that your posts have some sort of value to your audience.  Whether you want to offer industry advice, helpful tips, or even just agency insights, do your best to make sure that your social media posts are composed in a way that makes them easy to read and understand.  By distributing useful content, you can establish your agency as a trustworthy source of information.

  • Be Genuine

Finally, social media offers you the opportunity to give customers a look into the more personal, human side of your agency.  Take advantage of this opportunity by highlighting your agency’s efforts to give back to the community, introducing your staff, or just telling fun agency stories.  By giving your agency a more genuine tone, you can make it easer for customers to relate to you.  This in turn will improve your agency’s reputation and recognition.

These are some of the social media suggestions that insurance agents should try.  Does this seem like a lot of work?  Then turn to the experts at GTK Analytics for assistance.  Our team has the resources and know-how to help you with all your insurance agency marketing needs.  Whether you need help with social media marketing, SEO optimization, or website design, we have the right digital marketing solutions to meet your needs. Contact us to get started today.


avoid these insurance marketing missteps

Don’t Make These Insurance Agency Marketing Mistakes

Avoid these digital marketing strategies when you’re advertising for your insurance agency.

Nowadays, if you do not have a digital marketing strategy in place for your insurance agency, then business is bound to suffer.  Even if you do have an online marketing plan, it might not be successful.  Worried that you are taking missteps when it comes to your insurance agency marketing strategy?  These are some of the marketing mistakes you should avoid.

Mistake 1: Lack of Consistency

For your online marketing strategy to be effective, your efforts need to be consistent.  Not only does the information and material you distribute need to have a cohesive look and feel, but it also needs to be released at a consistent rate.  Infrequent bursts of dissimilar marketing materials are rarely successful.

Mistake 2: Outdated Website Design

Your agency’s website is the cornerstone of your online marketing plan.  However, if your website is slow, difficult to navigate, and visually unappealing, then it won’t win you any new customers.  An effective website loads quickly, is organized, and has a clean and cohesive look.  Additionally, your website needs to be readily accessible from all devices.  If your website is not optimized for mobile use, then there’s a good chance that a visitor will exit your site before even giving it a chance.

Mistake 3: Neglecting Written Content

The most successful insurance agency websites offer visitors useful tips, industry insights, and compelling articles.  Often times, this content is offered in the form of a company blog.  By offering these concise, interesting, and relevant posts, websites can keep people coming back to their page over and over again.  Additionally, by offering accurate and useful information, agencies can establish themselves as trusted industry sources.

These are some of the major mistakes you should avoid as you market your insurance agency.  Not sure how to update your website or don’t have the time to work on your agency’s blog?  Then turn to the experts at GTK Analytics.  Our professional team has the experience and resources to assist you with all your insurance agency marketing needs. Contact us to learn more today.

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

Why web design is important for your business’s content marketing.

We’ve already established numerous times that web design is extremely important as the first impression for your customer base – from the choice of color to the layout – but how does it affect content marketing? It can affect many aspects of your online business presence, and so you must choose your design carefully. Once your website has wowed visitors, you want them to contact you for more information, right? What better way to do that than by ensuring that they can navigate your site easily and quickly, making marketing a pleasant experience! Here’s how web design can impact content marketing.

  • Ease of Access

If you’re publishing a large amount of content on your website, you’ll need to make sure that it’s easy to find and ready. Navigation needs to be seamless so that your customers can find the right information without having to search. An easy way to combat this is to create a sticky menu that stays at the top of the page as the visitor scrolls down the site.

  • Impression

Professional and attractive are two words that you will want to keep in your mind when thinking about your website’s design. Your website will instantly make an impression, so it’s important that each visitor finds it visually appealing.

  • Readability

Is your content scattered throughout the site? Do you have repeated content on different pages? You want to make sure that you convey your message as clear and as concise as possible. By making your font and text visually appealing, too, you can help to spread your business’s message.

With everything you have to keep in mind, website design isn’t always easy to tackle on your own.  Struggling with your website?  Then don’t hesitate to contact the design experts at GTK Analytics.  Our highly-trained team is ready to work with you to create a beautiful, custom-designed website to meet your needs.

Our Recent Website Launches!

These websites are hot-off-the-press from the team at GTK Analytics!

Drive business. Improve reputation. Establish resources. A good website can do all of this and more. If your site is looking lack-luster and isn’t helping your SEO ranking or your customers’ experience, it could be time to look into designing a new website. Clean and improved sites can do wonders for any business.

Here at GTK Analytics, we’ve just launched some great websites for our amazing clients. Check out what our design team did to make them shine.

Stan McKnight

As human resources professionals, we knew that we had to make Stan McKnight’s site look clean, resourceful, and professional. Because of this, the homepage opens to a full-page image with a text summary of the company. The large use of imagery and straightforward statements makes for a refreshing change from the text-heavy sites that now look outdated.

As you scroll down the page, more information loads, going into more detail about their services. The use of icons and a small text summary ensure that the reader has all the information at their fingertips – without feeling overwhelmed. Overall, we’re really pleased with this site and the fact that we got to work with this business.


Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Team

Gaylord-Hansen Mortgage Team is a huge name in the industry, so we know we had to create a site that impressed visitors. Since they are based in San Diego, the website opens to a large image of the local scenery so that guests can feel familiar and comfortable with the brand. The sticky menu at the top stays present even as the visitor scrolls down the page, so navigation is easy and seamless.

The parallax scrolling on the homepage invites guests to learn more about how Gaylord-Hansen serve VA loans and are person and family-based, rather than treating clients as a number. When this is followed by testimonials and contact information, it makes for a seamless transition on how and why to contact the business.


Visit Vegas Homes

As a real estate resource, Visit Vegan Homes’ site needed to be incredibly user-friendly, picture-dominant, and professional-looking. Luckily, we think we achieved this pretty well. The page opens to a full-width image of the local Nevada landscape, along with a search engine to generate the right listings for the individuals’ needs.

The full-width call-to-action at the bottom of the page invites visitors to reach out for more information. Along with this, all the social media icons link out to relevant social media profiles, encouraging visitors to engage on other platforms.


Our dedicated web design team is here to help you get set up with a new, improved, and unique website. In addition, we provide top-tier digital marketing services so that your business has the best chance of online success. Call GTK Analytics in to get started!

SEO myths

Common Misconceptions About SEO

Learn the truth about SEO.

While you’ve probably heard a lot about search engine optimization, or SEO, are you sure that you are getting the facts?  Don’t get hung up on the myths and inaccuracies surrounding proper SEO practices; here’s the truth behind some of the major misconceptions about SEO.

Myth 1: SEO Optimization is a One-Time Thing

Because SEO best practices and procedures are constantly evolving, proper SEO optimization is an ongoing process.  While some companies would like you to believe that optimizing your website is something that you only have to do once, a good SEO marketing company will explain that optimizing your website takes constant attention and updating.

Myth 2: You Should Pack Your Website with SEO Keywords

While it’s important to use SEO keywords in your web copy, packing your pages with keyword-filled nonsense won’t do anything to help your website trend.  In fact, because search engines have improved their ability to differentiate between well-written web copy and gibberish, it’s much better to create original and compelling content that uses keywords in a manner that actually makes sense to the reader.

Myth 3: SEO is All About Links

In the past, websites could improve their search engine rankings my including links and backlinks on every page.  However, this is no longer accurate.  Google’s algorithms take many other components into account when deciding which pages to feature as top results.  So, while links are still a good thing to incorporate, they are no longer the crowning jewel of SEO.

As SEO has evolved, it’s no secret that keeping a website properly optimized is a full-time job.  If you worry about your ability to properly optimize your website, or if you’re worried that you cannot keep up with the constant need for updates, then turn to the experts at GTK Analytics.  Our professionals have the experience to offer your business the search engine optimization services that it needs.  For assistance with SEO, website design, and all your other digital marketing needs, contact us today.

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