Factors of a Successful Website, factors that determine the success of a website

Factors of a Successful Website

Learn what factors determine the success of a website.

Curious to find out how you can help your online business succeed?  Then learn about these factors that determine the success of a website.

Brand Recognition

One of the first factors that contributes to a website’s success is a visitor’s recognition of the company or brand.  While new businesses won’t automatically have this, you can build up your reputation by doing good business.  Complete orders promptly, offer good customer service, and maintain your professional standards.  The better your business practices are, the more you promote your company, and the more customers talk about your company, the easier it will be to build brand recognition.

Customer Loyalty

This ties in closely with brand recognition because the better your business practices are, the more likely you are to create a loyal customer base.  Not only do return customers provide a steady stream of business, but they can also become informal brand ambassadors for your company.  Through word-of-mouth referrals and informal testimonials, loyal customers can drive traffic to your website and generate interest in your company.

Website Quality

Perhaps the most important factor pertaining to the success of your website is the website itself.  A successful website is attractive, informative, easy to navigate, and easy to understand.  Generally, your website should be designed in a way that favors the needs of the user.  The information offered should be easily available and not overwhelming.  Additionally, the website should be engaging, encouraging visitors to stay and continue to explore the site.  A successful website should also be easy to find.  In a sea of competing websites, yours should stand out.  This often requires the implementation of digital marketing strategies such as SEM, SEO, content marketing, and so on.

Here are some of the factors that determine the success of a website.  Want to make your company’s website a success, but don’t know where to start?  Then turn to the experts at GTK Analytics.  From custom website design, to innovative digital marketing strategies, to original written content, we are your one-stop shop for all your online marketing needs.  Contact us to get started today.

The Importance of SEO

Why Your Insurance Agency Needs SEO

Learn how proper SEO optimization could benefit your insurance agency.

If you’ve ever Googled “insurance companies,” then you know that millions of results pop up in a matter of seconds.  With all this competition, it can seem impossible for your agency to stand out from the crowd.  So, what can you do to attract new clients?  The answer lies in your agency’s proper implementation of SEOLearn more about SEO and what it can do for your insurance agency.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a general term that encompasses the various practices that help your website get noticed by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on.  The goal of SEO is to make your company’s website show up as early as possible on search engine result pages.  While there are many factors that contribute to a successful SEO marketing strategy, SEO generally requires modifying the structure, content, and highlights of your agency’s website.

Why is SEO important for my agency?

As previously mentioned, the insurance market is highly competitive.  That’s why your agency needs to take steps that set it apart, including SEO.  While your agency might already have a beautifully designed site that offers all the information a customer would need, your website is useless if potential customers cannot find it.  SEO will give you a better opportunity to attract more customers and drive more traffic to your website.  With a strong SEO strategy, you can increase your site traffic, engage potential customers, and increase your agency’s business.


While SEO can do a lot for your agency, it’s important to be realistic about SEO’s capabilities.  For instance, you can’t simply optimize your website and be done with it.  For an SEO strategy to be successful, it requires constant attention and adherence to ever-changing SEO trends.  Your competitors are not standing by idly, so to stay competitive you need to maintain your commitment to SEO practices as well.

Interested in seeing what SEO can do for you, but not sure where to start?  Then turn to the SEO and digital marketing experts at GTK Analytics.  Our team has the experience and resources to create a successful SEO campaign for your agency.  Contact us to see what our SEO experts can do for your business.

How to Build A Website Landing Page

Creating the Perfect Landing Page

Learn how you can build the perfect landing page for your website.

A landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive or “land” on.  Oftentimes, a landing page will be the first interaction a visitor will have with your company.  That’s why it’s so important to craft a landing page that is attractive, engaging, and easy to navigate.  Here are some tips to help you construct the perfect landing page for your business’s website.

Have an Impactful USP

A USP or Unique Selling Proposition is essentially a headline at the top of a landing page that draws visitors in.  Your USP should be a sentence that describes exactly what your business is about and what it can do for your visitors.  Your main headline should be short, punchy, and to the point.  You can include a subheader that explains your business’s purpose in more detail.

Written Content

Your landing page should not display a wall of text for your visitors to sort through.  Instead, your written content should take the form of easily digestible bullet points that focus on how your company can assist your visitors.  Rather than simply focusing on your business’s features, always spin content in a way that emphasizes the benefits your company offers.


Finally, another important way to establish rapport with your visitors is by offering testimonials about your business’s abilities.  When you include the positive reviews your company has received from other customers, new visitors will be more inclined to trust and give your services or products a chance.

These are just a few tips to help you build a successful landing page for your website.  Sound overwhelming?  Then trust the creation of your custom landing page to the experts at GTK Analytics.  From professional website design to original content creation, GTK Analytics is the one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.  Contact us to get started today.

Utilizing Voice Search Marketing, voice search marketing

Utilizing Voice Search Marketing

Learn how your company can utilize voice search marketing to its advantage.

With the rise of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Echo, voice control technologies are quickly becoming the newest trend in tech.  As a result, voice search marketing is the newest frontier for companies to break into.  If your business is interested in tapping into this new form of marketing, here are some tips to get you started.

Appealing to Local Search

When potential customers use voice search to find businesses in their area, they often add the voice command “near me.”  Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that your business’s website utilizes that exact phrase.  Even if your business serves the particular area that an individual customer is in, you might not pop up on the list of nearby companies.  To appeal to local search, you need to list your business in directories such as Google My Business, Apple Maps Connect, and Bing Places for Business.  By doing so, you will be accommodating the voice search algorithms that will show your business when a potential customer uses voice commands.

Be Active on Social Media

With the explosion of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp, it’s important that businesses cultivate a social media presence if they want to gain visibility and succeed.  In fact, by being active on social media, you are gaining search engine trust and priority.  This means that the algorithms used by Google and Apple will work in your favor.  By updating your various social media accounts on a regular basis, your business is far more likely to show up in a voice search.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Use

Finally, most voice searches are performed using smartphones.  That’s why it’s important that your business’s website be optimized to perform well on mobile devices.  While you might get your business to pop up on a voice search, if your website is troublesome to navigate with a smartphone, then you will be quickly overlooked by a potential customer.  That’s why its extremely important that you have a mobile version of your business’s website that functions efficiently on smartphone, and other mobile platforms.

Try out these tips to help your business take advantage of the voice search marketing trend.  Remember, another way to maximize your business’s website is by utilizing eye-catching custom web designs, following best SEO practices, and offering original digital content.  For assistance with these digital marketing needs and more, contact the team at GTK Analytics.  Our experts are always ready to offer the digital marketing solutions your business needs.

How to Identify Gaps in Your Content, gaps in your website’s digital content

How to Identify Gaps in Your Content

Learn how you can prevent gaps in your website’s digital content.

If you are creating digital content for your company’s website, it’s easy to fall into familiar routines and patterns.  However, just because your content is comfortable and familiar doesn’t mean that it’s benefiting your business.  Before you fall into a rut, here are some ways that you can identify gaps in your website’s digital content.

Locate Website Weaknesses

Determining which website pages get the least amount of traffic is one of the best ways to identify gaps in your content.  If you notice that certain pages are visited far less frequently than other pages, then these are the pages that you need to generate content for.  Start by examining the content of your least popular pages and see where you can improve your SEO practices.  Once you hammer out that issue, think about creating supportive content that will drive traffic towards these previously overlooked pages.  This will ensure that the content you produce is actually benefitting your company.

Appeal to User Needs

Another way to close any content gaps your website is by figuring out what your users want to see.  This will require some research on your part.  Whether you directly ask engaged users or turn to statistics to figure things out, it’s important that you pinpoint the questions that your customers have after using your site.  From there, all you need to do is address these questions to ensure that you bridge this content gap.

These are some of the ways that you can identify and address gaps in your website’s digital content.  Need assistance with creating the comprehensive and original content that your business needs?  Then turn to the experts at GTK Analytics.  From digital content creation to custom web design, our team has the right digital marketing solutions for all your needs.

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